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Have you ever wondered if you are giving your dog all the nutrients he needs?  Flaxseed oil is a commonly recommended supplement to add to your dog’s diet.  There are multiple reason that pet owners decide to use this treatment, and the reasons and benefits might just surprise you.

The essential fatty acids contained in flax seed oil ensure basic cellular health in all animals.  Research shows that essential fatty acids (EFA) are as important to the health of our pets as vitamins and minerals.  Without EFAs, the cells will not form or function correctly.  These essential acids are responsible for helping the body perform biological functions and they are the building blocks for prostaglandins.  These are the things that regulate the hormones and the nervous and immune systems.  They also play a part in cardiovascular functioning.

Veterinarians have been recommending flax seed oil for dogs for quite some time.  The fatty acids offer a host of health benefits.  (Keep in mind that although we are discussing dogs here, the benefits also apply to cats, you’ll just need to vary the quantity accordingly).

One of the primary benefits of giving your dog flax seed oil is the shine that the skin and coat develop.  In addition to making the coat shiny and healthy, flax seed oil is believed to help skin conditions.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Take dogs that have a problem chewing at their fur - with patches of skin possibly missing - this is often because of the itchy, dry skin associated with a lack of essential fatty oils. While there are topical ointments and processes you can use to temporarily relieve the itching, by using flaxseed oil poured over your dog’s food, the problem is being treated from the inside out. 

There should be very positive results within about a month.    The dosage that most pet owners have found to be effective is approximately ½ to 1 teaspoon added to the dog food. (The exact amount varies depending on the weight of your dog as well - a bigger dog will obviously require a larger dose of flax seed oil). 

If your dog is struggling with dry, itchy skin, you can temporarily relieve symptoms by bathing your pet it a mild baby shampoo, then following with pet conditioner.  For extreme cases, you can use your own (hypoallergenic) hand lotion.  Also, brush the skin with a gentle brush.  This will help your pet deal with the itching until the skin starts to get moisturized.

Flax seed oil isn’t only good as a skin treatment.  It has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Used by both humans and dogs, flaxseed oil appears to improve mobility in both dogs and humans. 

What’s more, flax seed oil has the ability to help regulate other important body functions in your dog, including blood pressure, kidney and artery function, as well as calcium and energy metabolism. 

Importantly flax seed oil also contains lignin.  This is a compound that is believed to have powerful cancer fighting, anti-fungal, and anti viral properties.  There are many references available of diseases being defeated by combining flaxseed oil with cottage cheese when traditional medicines would not work.

One doctor claims that using flax seed oil for dogs (and people) in order to treat cancer can be both preventative AND a curative.  With the absence of linolic-acids in the normal “western” diet, we have seen an increase not only in cancer, but in many other chronic diseases.  Fortunately, this discovery has been an easy treatment to carry over to pets.  Simply adding flax seed oil may be a lifesaver for your dog.

Omega Fatty Acids in Flax keep your dog Healthy.

Flax seed oil for dogs can be purchased in smaller bottles, which is preferable unless you are treating a large dog population.  It needs to be stored in a cool, dry location.  The fridge is the most desirable storage location.  It is also available in capsule form.  If you choose to buy the capsules, you will either need to convince your dog to swallow pills, or you can break them open and put the oil over the food. 

This is a highly unstable oil if exposed to light, heat, and air.  Manufacturing and packaging is important to ensure that you can preserve the product.  Cold pressed flax oil is preferable, as this helps to keep the delicate molecules in place. 

When looking at your flax seed oil, it should be a deep, rich gold color … like liquid sunshine.  It will have a pleasing smell and light nutty taste.  If it has gone rancid, throw it out.

With so many potential benefits, this is a highly recommended supplement, not only for your pets!  Adding flax seed oil to you and your pet’s diet may have some results, even more amazing than what you had imagined.

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